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Saturday, July 17, 2010


So here's a hard question.  Maybe one of the hardest.  What would you put on the soundtrack of your life?  If you think of your life as a movie (doesn't everyone do this, or am I special like that?) then what would be your soundtrack?  We all know that a movie's soundtrack is just as important, if not more so, than the movie itself.  I don't really know if I can answer this question. 

It's like that first date question "what's your favorite song?"  I hate that question.  It's both a good and a bad question to ask.  Good because knowing a person's favorite song can give you a lot of insight into who you're asking.  Music is tricky and essential.  It's the basis of our souls, can you imagine never hearing music?  So people tend to take the music they listen to seriously.  We all have our likes and dislikes.  But the way a song makes you feel cannot be compared.  Music is very emotional and personal.  So to ask a person what their favorite song is, is well, like asking to read their diary...personal and insightful.

That question is bad because how many of you can name just one song?  I can't.  I may have a favorite song of the moment, but I assure you that will change at some point.  We choose our songs of the moment, because they are just that, of the moment.  They define a time in our lives or an event.  My favorite song 15 years ago was No Doubt's "Just a Girl" because I was 14 (do us all a favor and do not try to do the age math) and related to the song.  My favorite song right now is "What Part of Forever" by Cee-Lo Green, because I miss my love and this song expresses what's in my soul...right now.  When my first love broke up with me after I moved to Colorado the first time, I listened to Shawn Colvin's "Sunny Came Home" on repeat for two weeks.  Ask my brother, he can vouch for that because it drove him nuts.  But I cannot give you an all time favorite song.  It just can't be done.  There are many, many songs that I like, a few that I love and only a handful that I can listen to repeatedly, non-stop without getting tired of them.  Although my husband, I'm sure, would argue that he gets very tired of those obsessive songs of mine.  Sorry honey.

So what are some of your soundtrack songs?  Songs that mark a time in your life that you will always remember, good or bad.  Here is a short list of some of mine:

1.  Neverending Story (childhood years)
2.  Arial "Part of this World" from the Little Mermaid
3.  Aerosmith "Livin on the Edge" (tween years)
4.  Reba McIntyre "Take it Back" (I had some variety :) )
5.  M.C. Hammer "2 Legit" (stop rolling your eyes at me, you know you did too)
6.  N.K.O.T.B "Hangin' Tough" (two words: shut.up.)
7.  No Doubt "Just a Girl"
8.  Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
9.  Bush "Glycerine"
10. Chumbawumba "Tubthumper" (I know, I know)
11. Orgy "Blue Monday"
12.  Mindless Self Indulgence "F****t" (we're going through life phases here, don't judge)
13. The Dandy Warhols "Sleep" and "Bohemian Like You"
14.  Norah Jones "Come Away with Me"
15.  Muse "Sunburn" "Unintended" "Showbiz"  (I REALLY like them, can you tell?)
16. All American Rejects "My Paper Heart"
17. Muse "Supermassive Black Hole" "Uprising" "Neuron Star Collision" (yeah, I think we get the picture)
18.  Metric "All Yours"
19.  Lekke Li "Possibility"
20.  Cee-Lo Green "What Part of Forever"

Ok, so maybe not such a short list...and that's only a sampling.  See what I mean? 

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