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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Call me Orson...

I have befriended a spider.  Now all you spiders out there, don't get excited.  This is a special circumstance, a one time deal.  If you are unwise enough to cross my path, you will die.  Death by flip flop isn't a pretty way to go, so stay outta my way!  That being said, my spider friend and I met about a week ago on my back porch.  Every night I let Rufus out before I go to bed and this is usually just an in and out type of thing.  On this one particular night I let Rufus out as usual, but as I looked up there was a huge spider web stretching across the entire length of my awning.  Ordinarily this is where I would have grabbed my trusty spray and anihilated him.  As I was standing there, spray in hand, I stopped to watch this little spider spin his elaborate web.  Then a moth flew into it and the speed at which this spider moved was impressive.  The moth got away and the little spider went back to his stoop in the middle of the web, just waiting.  I was intrigued so I let the spider live.  Every night since then I have gone out and observed my spider buddy.  I watch him spin his web with precision and then patiently wait for the bounty.  I don't know if spiders can actually possess patience, but my spider does I'm sure.  I wait for a spell, curious to see if a wayward bug will fall prey, secretly hoping one will.  I have actually found myself rooting for the spider like I'm at a sporting event and then letting out an emphatic "Awwww!" when a bug gets away.  Like a Motel 8 I leave the light on hoping it will attract a bug for dinner.  If I could actually bring myself to do it and I had the skills of Mr. Miyagi I think I would actually catch a bug and throw it into the web for him.  A peace offering perhaps, for almost killing him.  But that would require actually touching a bug, so that's out.  And so our odd little friendship continues.  I still hate spiders, though. :)

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