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Thursday, September 11, 2014

What I Love About You!

Recently there has been yet another trend on Facebook where people are challenged to post 3 things they are thankful for everyday for 5 days or something, I don't really know.  Where the intent is great and I appreciate the positive note this leaves people with, I don't tend to do things when I'm told to do them, I guess we could call that a residual teenager syndrome (yep, I made that up, but it works, no?).  Anyway, I think I was challenged a few weeks ago and it went largely ignored, but today I was watching the girls eat their breakfast and I was thinking about some of the little things I love about them.  So I'm going to do my own version of this challenge on my trusty blog of things I love about each of my children, so really nothing like the original challenge, but let's just go with it.  I think I could really use some reminding of all the positive things in my life as well.  Can't we all?


I'm so thankful and utterly undeserving of this child.  She is a sweet soul who just wants to make everyone around her happy.  She is helpful beyond words and usually does what you ask even if sometimes you have to ask two or three times.  She may give the occasional eye roll, but considering the amount of responsibility she has being the oldest, I'll giver her that...for now.  Until she becomes a teenager and the eye rolls are meant as a non verbal "you're an idiot" then it's game on.  She's a chatterbox and I love that about her, but I love it more when it's not directed at me. Haha.  I love how much she cares for her siblings and nurturing she is.  I know that they will grow to depend on her quite a bit later in life and I trust that she is up to the task.  I love that she's patient with me as I learn and will continue to learn how to be her mother.  She's been a challenge to me from the very beginning, forcing me to go so far outside my comfort zone that google maps can't even find it.  I only hope I can do her justice.  She simultaneously cracks me up and scares the heck out of me when she acts like a teenager in training.


Gabe is both a very complicated and simple creature.  It doesn't take much to make him happy, but the problem is that he doesn't know when to say when.  So I have to say it for him and he doesn't like that.  He likes things to be done in a certain way and does not adjust to change well.  He can be the most cantankerous kid but at the same time such a loving little boy.  There is nothing like the love a boy has for his mother and vice versa.  I'm thankful for my only boy.  He redefined love for me when he came into this world.  I was worried about not being to love another as much as I loved my first, but he proved me so incredibly wrong.  He showed my how far a heart could expand and I knew from that moment on that there would always be room for more.  I love how smart he is without him really even knowing it.  He can recall facts better than most adults I know...which can sometimes be a bad thing when arguing about something you told him he could do in passing.  I love the way he interprets the world around him and how he talks about everything that ever existed.  Like one day he was talking about good his Powerade was and he commented offhandedly that is was "Power-awesome".  Watch out for this kid.  He's going places.  Only when he wants to, of course, and only the way he wants to, he does nothing easy way.


This little firecracker is a lot like Gabe in that she challenges me...everyday.  She puts me to the test and even though it feels like the song that never ends right now, I know (hope) that there is a greater purpose for her machinations.  I'm training for a life triathlon or something.  Rosie runs pretty hot and cold.  When she's hot her banshee cries can be heard by frightened sailors in the 18th century.  She sometimes makes a noise that sounds a lot like the Predator and I'll admit, I skirt around her carefully after hearing it. However, when she's cool, she's such a sweet, pleasant little thing.  Her smile is precious and genuine, her cuddles are coveted and occasionally her kisses are gold.  She is tenacious and I can only imagine that's going to serve her well later in life.  I love it when she gives me a squinty smile being silly, or that she LOVES fruit and often finishes hers and Lily's leftovers.  She's smart and calculated, which usually lends it's hand to trouble, which she has no problems finding, initiating and engaging in. My beautiful little just would not be as beautiful without you.


Last, but certainly not least, is Lily.  She is the little ray of sunshine in our lives.  She's almost ALWAYS happy and giggling.  A little shy at first and keeps to herself, but once she decides to open up...look out.  She is silly and playful and loves to dance and twirl.  Loves bows in her hair (even though she will take it out and hand it to you to be put back in...repeatedly), tutus and her stuffed lovies. She does the same thing Gabe used to do as a baby and likes to rub the soft tail or ear of a stuffed animal right under her nose.  She also likes to dismember some, take their stuffing out and shove it up her nose, so that every morning I have to check her nose and pull out a fuzz booger.  I'm really not lying.  Lily is charismatic to the max and everyone is just drawn to her.  She's very smart and figures out things quickly and loves to talk.  She has her own language, but she speaks it with enthusiasm.  She is very nurturing to her animals and to Rosie, even though her and Rosie can really get into some knock down-drag outs (I'm sure only a small sample of what is to come).  She often can be found hugging, patting Rosie's back or brushing her hair.  Yes, it is as freakin' precious as it sounds.  I love that she gets the "full belly sillies" after she eats and cracks the rest of us up.  I love that she will still cuddle (sometimes) and I love that she loves to dance and does it with reckless abandon.  Lily is my free spirited flower child and life is brighter and more amazing than I ever thought possible with her in it.

So that's it for now.  My children make like worth living for me.  Yes, they challenge me on a daily basis, but I need to be challenged.  They drain my reserves and make me crazy with worry, but I know that someday it will all play out in the most amazing way.  I was never prepared for what children bring to the picture, but I'm so thankful for them...even though I as type, the girls are fighting over a toy.  Duty calls...