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Sunday, April 25, 2010

One of those days

Well, I promised when I started this blogging journey that there would be good days and bad days.  Today, at least the first part of the day, falls under the bad category.  Nothing bad happened, just one of those days where certain things affect you.  At church I started noticing all the families, all the couples, mothers and fathers.  Everyone had a partner and I started to miss mine so badly it physically hurt.  I have actually had a string of good days.  As I said after a while, you get in a routine and you don't notice as often how much you miss him.  But every once in a while you are reminded and suddenly are thrown right back into the moment you had to say good bye.  Sometimes it's the strangest thing that will trigger you.  The other day I saw a Penske truck and for a split second I expected Mike to hop out, like he did whenever we took a break while driving out here and I could hold his hand or just hug him.  Of course he didn't hop out and I was slapped with the reality of our situation once again.  You go on and forget about those moments eventually, but they will keep happening and I will keep dealing with them.  At least they start to space themselves out after a while. 

On a different note.  A happier note.  I have been finally feeling better.  Being sick...well, it just sucks.  But, I'm glad it seems to be coming to an end, which means I'm back in action.  Gracie's room is getting painted on Friday so I can finally finish decorating her "Fairy Princess" room and I'm excited!  Then hopefully in a couple more weeks, I will be able to have my room painted.  I am FULL of ideas and have all kinds of things picked out to spruce it up.  It will have to be one thing at a time for a while...just because I have lots of ideas doesn't mean I have the funds to implement them all at once!  Although that would be nice.  I think it will do wonders for my mood to have my "space" all prettied up.  Dad also installed my closet system this weekend, so I can finally get my clothes off the floor!  YAY!!  So things are moving along and I am slowly chipping away at my to-do list.  I can't wait until I can post some "before and after" pics for everyone!

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