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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Mayberry Philosophy

In my Benadryl induced haze I was sitting on the sofa watching t.v. in my Snuggie when I came across an old episode of "The Andy Griffith Show".  Feeling nostalgic I tuned in and this episode was about a guy from out of town traveling through Mayberry on his way to Charlotte, NC.  Well, his car breaks down and he is frustrated because it's Mayberry, where everything shuts down on Sunday.  He rants and raves and paces while trying to locate someone to fix his car.  All the while Andy, Barney and the rest of the gang go about their lazy Sunday having dinner, sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs singing quiet hymns and folk songs.  They just don't understand this guy's impatience and just overall antsy-ness, while he doesn't understand their laissez-faire.  Well, of course Mayberry wins in the end and Mr. Antsy-Pants settles down and joins in on their relaxation.  The point of this synopsis is to ask the question, how many of us would be the irritated out-of-towner and how many the small town concierge?  We have gotten so wrapped up in our busy, take-over-the-world lives that maybe we didn't notice that we are missing something.  Everyone in Mayberry had their role that they lived out and were happy.  How many of us can say that we are truly happy?  Is it because our roles have been multiplying over the years and now are at unmanageable levels?  We can't just be a wife and mother anymore, we have to have a career (most of us) either for financial reasons or because of this need for fulfillment we may feel.  Why do we have to fulfill this need, and what is it, where did it come from?  Did women 50 years ago feel the same way or were they happy because then they were only expected to be a wife and mother, therefore their expectations were met.  I have a hard time believing that, but something has changed.  Is life really better today?  Some technology is great, but everything comes with a price.  Is sanity our price?  Did the people of Mayberry need latte's to stay awake and sleeping pills to fall asleep?  We are overtaxing ourselves with this great desire of achievment.  Our children have greater opportunities than we ever did, but are we overwhelming them with the need to be exceptional?  I don't feel relaxed this Sunday evening...I feel pressure.  I always feel pressure to be better, do more, to be extraordinary.  It's not direct pressure, but it's there, always has been.  It's more of a personal pressure for me to stand out, be noticed, to do something noticeable.  Are there things about my world today that I love?  Of course.  Would I trade some modern conveniences for a taste of Mayberry?  You bet.   If we could look up from our Blackberry's for two seconds we would see that our lives are passing us by and our children are growing up and most of us are missing it.  I think we all could benefit by adopting the Mayberry Philosphy and slowing down, sitting on our front porch, backyard or wherever and just take a moment to enjoy the day, enjoy our children, spouses, family, friends or whatever it is that truly gives you joy.  We don't have to be extraordinary all the time.  Let's just be.

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