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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Army Wife=Army Life

Five years ago after Mike and I got married he used to talk briefly about how he missed being in the Army.  I, of course, shot the idea down trying to put the kibash on any inklings he may have been having about rejoining.  We were living in the post 9-11 world and any thought of my new husband going over into that dangerous situation sent my mind reeling.  So a few years later after Mike lost his job (one that he hated, by the way) I found myself searching for a solution.  The only logical thing to do was for him to rejoin the Army and finish out his time for retirement, which was only about 4 years.  It was there, right in front of me, the solution to our problem, I just had to grasp it.  So it was me who sat Mike down and convinced him to see the recruiter.  Yes, it was my idea.  He came home from the recruiter uneasy, saying he didn't think it was a good idea.  I told him he just had cold feet and to suck it up and do it.  He will tell a more colorful version of this story as he loves to remind me that everything that has happened since then has been of my doing.  Whatever...he's just mad I made him finish what he started over 20 years ago. :)  And so we started our journey.  I was so excited at the possibilities.  I wanted to travel and see new places.  I couldn't wait to see where we were getting transfered.  When I found out it was Colorado it was bittersweet, mainly because I had already lived there and it wouldn't be new but my brother and favorite sister in law live in Denver and the opportunity to be closer to them was tantilizing.  When we took the plunge into the Army life, the first picture that came to mind was, well, of Mike in a uniform, but the second picture was of a perfect little house with a neatly manicured lawn on base, where we would be best friends with our neighbors and barbeque in the backyard.  I never said it was a realistic picture and it was far from realistic.  Life has been a roller coaster ever since and at times I have questioned my train of thought that led me here.  For instance the many, many...many nights that Mike would get home late from work I would sit there and think "I got to talk to him more when he was deployed".  What was the point of him being home at all?  But I believe that everything happens for a reason and we are in the Army for a reason.  I haven't done the traveling that I first thought I was going to do, but I have seen some places I probably wouldn't have otherwise.  And I've met some really great people, life long friends even, in the process.  The Army isn't always easy, but I think by the end of this journey we will both be glad we endured it.  As our 5 year anniversary just passed someone told me that a lot of people don't make it to the 5 year mark these days.  With that rolling around in my head, I concluded why we have made it at least this far....the Army!  Because the Army has separated us for a couple of years, collectively.  I believe those separations, as horrible as they are at the time, made our marriage stronger and proves the old adage to be true.  "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" and my heart swells beyond capacity whenever I think of him now (swooning sigh).  

Homecoming last year

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