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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Bathroom Blues...or Greens.

So I finally finished putting together my bathroom.  I know it's just one room and a small one at that's finished.  Unpacked, put away and decorated.  It feels so good that I just want to spend all my time in there.  I could move the computer and t.v. in there, lock the door so the kids can't get in and voila!  I'm in heaven.  Maybe that's a little extreme, considering the size of the bathroom, but a girl can dream right?  Someday I am going to have one of those giant spa bathrooms with chaise lounge, whirlpool tub, separate shower with dual shower heads (the kind that rain on you) and a separate vanity...ahhhh.  Someday.  But for today I will just be happy that the bathroom I have is finished.  Woo hoo!!

Laundry basket...with laundry in it for effect!

The potty parlor...I thought that sounded fancier than toilet.

The pictures that I smashed my thumb with a hammer putting up (it was something straight out of Looney Toons)

And this would be where the fairy tale ends...seconds before everything is destroyed.

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