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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let it Slush...

Someone must have known that I was missing Colorado because He sent me some snow to remind me of home!  Granted, this isn't really snow, it's a very gloppy, heavy, wet slushy kind of snow.  It doesn't have that lovely quiet, serenity that Colorado snow has, rather it has a loud, wet, plopping sound.  It was nice to wake up to some white stuff nonetheless.  I came to really love Colorado and wish to go back someday.  I was sad when we first went out there, but I think that was more of an initial fear of change.  Other than my family, which is a BIG one, my flame doesn't really burn for Georgia anymore.  I had fun here, lots of fond memories, including meeting my Mikey, but it's time to move on and discover new places.  I blame my Dad for moving us around all the time when we were kids.  At the time I hated it, changing schools, new friends and all that...but when I look back I am grateful for those experiences.  It taught me how to be adaptable which has really played well into my life thus far.  The moving experience as a kid also led to an itch of sorts that I want to pick up and move after so many years in one place.  It's usually around 6 years, don't ask me why, that's just how it happened to work out.  Every 6 years I move.  So I will wait it out over the next year or so and when Mike gets home we will decide on what new frontier to discover!

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