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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So get ready for a good laugh.  My day today has given meaning to the saying "when it rains, it pours".  So I woke up with a to-do list already, because we were having the missionaries for dinner.  So I needed to clean, go to the store, take pictures of the trees outside (mom's request), was supposed to be on call with the tow company (will explain at a later date) and then cook dinner by 5:30.  So I go upstairs after discovering Gracie has helped herself to more than one donut (the exact count is undetermined).  I begin to fix the kids breakfast and go to put the eggs in the microwave and it just dies.  Now this is the second microwave to do this in the last week, because the primary microwave died previously and this is in addition to the dishwasher biting the dust before I even got here.  So a split second after the microwave dies Gabe drops his cup and chocolate milk explodes everywhere, including on me.  It did not spill, it exploded.  Ok, so not a great start to the day but I can trudge on at this point right?  Not so much.  I put the kids down for a nap and go into the bathroom downstairs (my bathroom in the basement) and discover that the sump pump has not been working and I now have water seeping in from the floor boards.  Not just water, but very stinky poo water.  Not pretty.  So amidst the hundreds of phone calls to Mom and Dad and potential plumbers I had to load the kids in the car while Gracie is having meltdown after meltdown because she once again, has not taken her nap.  We finally made it to the store where Gracie demanded that we get the cart with the stupid car on the front.  I hate this cart.  It is cumbersome and hard to manuver, but I sucked it up to avoid yet another meltdown.  So then I get home and begin to cook dinner when Gabe decides that it's a good time to climb on the back of the couch and reach over to the sink to turn the water on (something he does incessently) only this time he pulls the faucet over the counter that sits above the couch and creates a little waterfall on the sofa.  This all took place within seconds while my back was turned tending to dinner.  But dinner was delicious, the company was entertaining and the rest of the night was fine.  Only now I have no microwave, no dishwasher and currently no toilet.  Life is an adventure!  I did get some great pictures of the trees though!  Bonus!!

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