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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Shoulder to Lean On

I just finished watching "The Blind Side" which was an absolutley fabulous movie that I thoroughly enjoyed.  After the movie I went upstairs for a snack (gasp!) and just as I was about to head down the hall to go back downstairs I heard Gracie crying, making her way up the stairs.  Knowing that she was about to invade Mom and Dad's room I put my stuff down and went to intercept her trying to give Mom and Dad at least one night of uninterrupted dreams.  So I got to the top of the stairs and sat down blocking her then wrapped my arms around her and asked her what was wrong.  She buried her face in the crook of my arm before she said between sniffles the same thing she's been saying for the last few weeks, "I want Daddy back".  I've heard her say it at least two dozen times but at that moment I had to turn my face away from hers so she couldn't see the tears falling down my face and laid my cheek on top of her head trying to compose myself before I told her that I wanted him back too.  We sat there for a minute while I stroked her hair before she turned to look at me and asked why I was crying, which only made me cry more.  I just told her that I was sad because I missed Daddy too and that I was sad because she missed Daddy.  She seemed to understand and had stopped crying.  At this point I think she was holding me more than I was holding her.  We just sat on the steps holding each other, each one understanding the pain of the other.  I grabbed her bunny blanket and we went downstairs and I put her back to bed.  She seemed to be feeling better and oddly enough, so was I.  In that one brief moment we had together sitting on the stairs in the middle of the night I believe we grew closer than ever before.  I feel a weight lifted off of me, for the moment at least, and I hope she feels the same way.

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