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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ask Mellie

So I was talking to someone tonight who was bouncing a problem off of me, like they usually do.  We are each other's "go-to" person when it comes to life's quandries.  But she told me that I should write a "Dear Abby-like" column and that got me thinking...dangerous, I know.  Well, how about we start a little Q&A right here!  If any of my loyal followers, all 4 of you, would like a little advice or just want to bounce an idea off of someone, I've been told on more than one occasion that I'm a good listener and give pretty sound advice.  Now, here comes the disclaimer...I am not liscensed and in no way am I a professional, this would be mostly for fun and more on a friend level.  Hey, just humor me, it will give me something to do! :)  So if you have a question just email it to me and I will post it with my well thought out answer on this blog once a week!  Yay!

P.S.  You can be completely anonymous, if you so desire!  I can be the picture of discretion!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mellie,

    What is an appropriate response to someone who uses a social networking site like facebook as a platform for be-littling you or one of your family members? There has to be a diplomatic resolution here, right?


    Troubled in Tennessee