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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not Singing a Different Tune

Well, the truck is unloaded...including the stupid, heavy, broken, useless, oh and did I mention heavy piano! It took a while and a lot of careful calculation and deliberation to get that oversized hunk of firewood off that truck. Why am I so hateful towards this unsuspecting piano you ask? Well, because we received this piano before we moved the last time. I swore I would never move that thing again. So at one point I had someone in the garage for a completely unrelated reason and found out that he was certified in piano repair, so I asked him to take a look at our piano to see what it was worth and what needed to be fixed. He found a cracked soundboard, which is the heart of the piano. To fix this would start at around $3000 and the piano simply wasn't worth that much. So I planned on getting rid of it before we had to schlep it across the country again. Much to my chagrin when I brought this completely logical plan up to Mike he acted as if I was tossing a priceless antique into the Husdon River. So I agreed to let him have his precious piano but that I wanted nothing to do with it. So you can imagine my demeanor when there were no other options today except for me and him to get it off the truck. It was the last thing left. After weeks of lifting boxes on and off a truck, driving 1800 miles through a snowstorm and trying to keep the children sane all the while, I just wanted this last thing done and behind me. I had considered leaving it on the truck when we turn it back in, leaving the door open on the truck and hoping there was a piano theif on the prowl and pushing it to the edge and letting it "slip" smashing to the ground. But lastly we were left with no other choice but to just get it off and in the garage for it to sit for yet another year. We pushed, pulled, grunted and cursed until it was on the ground and rolling towards it's new home. All the while I kept reminding Mike that if he didn't like breaking his back to move it, well, I'm sure you can fill in the rest. But, all that said and done, we are officially done moving. Now to the unpacking!! I need the strength of a superhero to get through the rest of this week, but I can do it. Just be sure to stop by my next yard sale...there will be a pricess antique piano up for grabs!! I just have to wait until Mike is a couple thousand miles away so he can't kill me!

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