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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A New Journey

Well, we finally made it back to Georgia. I can't say that I'm relieved although I am glad to at least be done with the drive. All I know is that all this moving and driving and packing and unpacking has kept my mind busy and off of the one very large pink elephant in the corner of my mind...Mike's Deployment. Now this is my second deployment with him...and I hate it when people say that it's my second, so it must be easier than the first. Let me fill you in. It never gets easier. More manageable, maybe, because you know what to expect, but never easier. So I propose this: For the next year while Mike is gone, I will use this blog as a project of sorts. My 365: A year of Missing You. It will be mostly therapy for me, but also a way for anyone who wishes to keep up and check in on me, Mike and the family. This should be quite the adventure for everyone.

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