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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well, today was the day I have been awaiting with dreaded anticipation. I took Mike to the airport. We had lunch in the airport cafe and tried to joke and make light of things to come. I've been down this road before, at that same airport. I really hate that airport. There is nothing but goodbyes in our history together. I'm waiting for the day in eight months when it will hold a cheery hello for me. Until then, the Atlanta Airport is my mortal enemy. I've held up well, considering. Aside from the raging headache I am now harboring because I've been holding back my emotion all day. The kids are fine. Gracie broke my heart tonight when she asked if she could lay down with Daddy at bedtime, like she always does. So I laid down with her and tried to explain where Daddy was going and why. I was just a second rate replacement to her one and only Daddy, but she seemed satisfied enough. I feel how hard these deployments and separations are for me, but I just can't imagine how hard they are for her. My sweet little princess. I just want to give her everything and make all the bad go away. Hopefully in time it will, but for now I will just do what I can to make her happy. She has a birthday coming up and Mom and I will be planning a Princess Fairy Extravaganza. I think it will be a welcome distraction for everyone. I am also going to be throwing myself into making her the very best princess fairy bedroom there ever was, along with unpacking and maybe creating a little getaway bedroom for myself. One day at a time...that's all I can do.

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