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Monday, June 3, 2013

School's Out and Babies are Sick!!

Gabe graduated to Kindergarten this year!!!
Wow, I've been a bit of a slacker, well, really no surprise there.  We have had a busy month and a half.  The kids are officially out of school and where I don't mind not having to rush in the mornings, that's about the only perk I enjoy.  Now I have 4 children demanding constant attention, instead of 2, but that's ok, we're dealing.  This is only the beginning...dun, dun, dun.  Did you hear the ominous music?

Rosie finally feeling better
Lily feeling better

Well, the girls both got a pretty nasty virus.  Lily started with it on a Saturday night, throwing up every couple of hours and not wanting to eat. This lasted about 12 hours.  Even though there wasn't much I could do to help or prevent it, I was still texting the doctor at all hours of the night.  Lily makes me VERY nervous when she gets sick.  I never used to be this person.  I was always a "rub some dirt on it and walk it off" kind of mom, but I tell you what...have a child in the hospital for an extended period of time and I guarantee you will have your doctor on speed dial for every sneeze as well.  Thankfully, however, it did end and she recovered pretty well.  Then Rosie got it.  Unfortunately Rosie got the mutated version of this virus and was throwing up for 4 days.  4 FREAKIN' DAYS!!  I was a crazy person, literally texting the doctor every hour with a play by play (we have a very patient doctor) on what Rosie was doing.  My poor little Rosebud was miserable and I couldn't do anything for her.  Once again, stuck in that situation where you have to watch your precious baby suffer through something that you can't fix.  I'm here to tell ya, I've had enough of that trash.  I didn't sleep for 3 days (and felt like I had the flu myself at one point), I was just watching her, waiting for it to happen again, garnering false hope when she didn't do it for a while and then my heart sinking again when she did.  It was awful.  But, it too, did pass.  Then the next week, they both got a cold.  Are you freakin' kidding me? 

Now, tonight, Gracie started feeling bad, saying her stomach hurt.  I tell you what, I'm over this whole sickness thing.  I will take the common cold any day over this stomach crap.  Hopefully she will feel better after a good night's sleep.  Poor Gracie.  She is such a sweet spirit and so well intentioned with the babies albeit a little overzealous sometimes.  She is Mommy's little helper and I don't know what I would do without her most days.  But she is a Daddy's girl down to her core and she is so lost without him.  I hate this for her, but I hope if there is anything good that comes out of this that it will build her into a strong girl who can handle herself.  Hopefully I will be enough for her until Daddy is home again.  Hopefully I will have the time and energy to be enough.  Hopefully I will have the patience.  I just hope.  This whole "Mommy" thing is hard. Sheesh! 

Our outing to the park, one of many more I'm sure!
Sweet sisters, who share everything!!
Our beautiful Gracie
Big sister and brother

Lily's first park outing (this was acutally about 2 months ago)

Rosie's first park outing

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